Candy Striped Figs

Last weekend in San Francisco, I forced Kevin to stop by the farmer’s market in Noe Valley to grab breakfast instead of our usual brunch at a cafe/restaurant somewhere.  We got breakfast at this stand selling Mexican food. I forgot the name of my dish, but it was some Mexican marinated shredded chicken, with cabbage and crumbled cheese, on top of a homemade black bean tortilla.  I dumped some secret hot sauce on it, of course.  It was delicious!

The real reason we went to the farmer’s market was to get some green onions for our sushi  & poke (which we ultimately did not end up using). Anyhow, the greatest discovery of that weekend was these candy striped figs, which I’ve posted a picture of here on top of a tub of kale salad. These candy striped figs are super sweet and have crunchy seeds.  And they are so awesome that I felt obligated to blog about them.  Candy striped figs are only in season for a few short weeks–apparently only three in LA–so go get some while you can!

If you would like to learn more, here are a couple of articles/blogs about these odd little striped figs:

The New York Times: A Fig Reveals Its Inner Raspberry

Beverly Hill Patch: Candy Stripe Figs, Peppers and Tomatoes


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