I’m turning 27 in a week.  I’ll officially be in my late 20’s.  I cannot believe it’s been almost five years since I graduated college.  If I had been on track with my life plans, I should have been in business school by this fall.  (One thing that’s holding me back is the cost. Education is really expensive when you don’t have your company or parents footing the bill).

But alas, life never goes according to plan. When I was a senior in high school, I had my heart set on going to Stanford, but ended up at Berkeley.  That was a huge blessing in disguise.  I didn’t expect that the stock market would crash right after I graduated, but I was determined to build a career in my chosen field and made tough, yet strategic, choices to get there.  At this point in my career, recruiters are contacting me weekly (& some from really amazing companies), and I feel really lucky to be in a position where I have many opportunities vs. where I was just five years ago.  Another thing I didn’t expect—I didn’t plan for a boyfriend, and thus, fitting one in my life means less time for other things, like extracurricular activities (e.g. music lessons) and volunteer work.  But somehow, having him around makes me happier, so I guess I can trade accomplishing fewer things to be happier.  That is okay, I think.

I’m not sure where this new year will take me.  I didn’t make any plans.  I do have a few goals, however.  The same ones I always have.  Read more, write more, spend more time with my family & friends, stay active, cook more, and challenge myself as much as possible mentally and physically.  Be an even better version of my current self.  Live a more simple and meaningful life.


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