Roasted Curried Cauliflower

Eating more veggies can be a challenge for anyone.  Let’s face it, veggies are not as appetizing as say, tacos or burgers, but they are a hell of a lot better for you.  And eating more veggies never hurt anyone, or at least not that I know of.

This week, my boyfriend asked me to make curried chicken and since I’ve cut back on any non fruit/veggie carbs, I decided to make cauliflower as a substitute for rice.  It sounds totally crazy, but it worked.  And the best part is that the recipe is totally simple and easy.

I got this roasted cauliflower recipe from the Summer Tomato blog.  I saw this recipe a while ago, and I have been meaning to try it out.


  • one head of cauliflower
  • 1-2 tbsp olive oil
  • curry powder
  • sea salt (regular salt works too)


  1. Pre-heat oven to 500°
  2. Cut the cauliflower into even pieces.  If you don’t know how to cut cauliflower, watch this video.
  3. Put the cauliflower into a medium sized bowl, drizzle olive oil (1-2 tbsp, depending on how much oil you want to use)
  4. Sprinkle curry powder & sea salt generously over the cauliflower, and toss all the ingredients together
  5. Place foil on top of a baking sheet & lay the cauliflower pieces evenly across the baking sheet on top of the foil
  6. Cover baking sheet with foil
  7. Put the baking sheet in the over & let the cauliflower steam/cook for 10-15 minutes
  8. Take the foil off & toss/rotate cauliflower.  Let roast for 8-10 minutes
  9. Toss again.  Let the cauliflower roast for another 8-10 minutes
  10. Take the cauliflower out when the edges are brown and look caramelized.

I’m going to try this recipe again next week with smoked paprika.  It’s one of my new favorites, so I’ll probably start making this once a week.  It’s so easy & delicious!

Roasted Curried Cauliflower


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