Goals and Fun Stuff

Now that I’m taking the summer off from classes, I still have a few goals for myself:

1. Study for the GMATs

2. Work my way through Web Analytics 2.0 & take the Google Analytics IQ test

3. Work my way through Robin Hood Marketing

4. Increase my mile by 30 seconds.  Currently, I can comfortably finish a mile in 10 minutes.  In the next month, I’d like to decrease that number to 9 minutes & 30 seconds.  Then, by the end of August, I’d like to be able to run a mile in 9 minutes.

5. Master several advanced yoga poses that I cannot do.  Also, take a bikram yoga class – I’m still too chicken to attend a bikram yoga class.

On to the fun stuff (yes, unfortunately, I am a person that needs to schedule in fun time.  Otherwise, it won’t happen):

1. San Francisco! (6/26-6/27)

2. 4th of July with my nieces & nephew!

3. California Coast road trip (July?)

4. Vegas (prob w/the fam) – beginning of August?

5. Oahu! (8/23-8/30)

Yay :)